Redwood Design System

At Oracle, I pioneered their new brand identity called Redwood. I had the opportunity to get involved at the very beginning stage of imagining what a modernized brand identity could do for Oracle. The team has grown through many phases of ideation, design, implementation, maintenance, and expansion. It has been rewarding to work at the core of this effort from the very start.

Initially, I helped craft the foundational narrative for Redwood by exploring questions within both traditional and conceptual pillars of the brand—what are our values? Do they align with where we want to go? How do we visualize those values and present them to our customers? My first role was to convey those values on paper and screen across some of Oracle's strongest products. This work laid the cornerstones of our design system by gaining stakeholder buy-in. It paved the way for a unified and scalable brand identity.

I then applied the fruit of those efforts to help plan and design a library of components for a visual system which now scales over 200 Oracle products. I now maintain and expand on the shared library in Figma to support implementation efforts for dozens of teams across the company. I obsess over pixel perfection and scalability, as well as clarity around team needs. Success requires empathy and collaboration at every level, from top-level decision makers, to researchers, designers, developers, and ultimately product users. 

This is an ongoing design effort. If you would like to see this work, please reach out and I will be happy to give you a tour!